Custom food packaging and product labels need to be resistant to moisture, handling and a wide variety of other conditions.

LLT Labels specializes in creating custom food labels for branding, food safety and expiration dates built to last in even the toughest of applications. We understand that the food and beverage industry requires custom labels for food packaging for a wide variety of items. That’s why we offer custom solutions for a large swath of food and beverage products. The following are just a few examples of the food-safe labels and packaging solutions available from LLT.

  • Portion Control & Case-Ready Labeling
  • Private Labeling
  • Resealable Packaging
  • Flexible Packaging
  • Clam Shells
  • FDA-Approved Labels

Frozen Food Labels

Our CHILL AT frozen food labels are proven to excel in cold food and beverage packaging and other low-temperature applications. When it comes to refrigeration, the CHILL AT labels for frozen food can flawlessly accommodate sub-zero temperatures, moisture and repeated product handling — all while maintaining the integrity of the label. Our line of CHILL AT food-safe labels provides the versatility and quick adhesion properties you need to maintain the integrity of your product.


Benefits Of LLT CHILL AT Labels

  • Designed to stick quickly and stay in place.
  • Work on difficult packaging like shrink wrap and polyethylene.
  • Perform well during flash-freezing processes.
  • Provide crisp, smudge-free images and barcodes.

Craft Beer Packaging

Craft beer packaging is all about shelf appeal. Brand owners are trying to capture a certain look, with only seconds to persuade potential customers. Because of this, the labels on bottles and cans can be just as important as the liquid inside. Brands are always seeking to stand out at the point of sale with special effects that give off the perception of quality.


Discover Specialty Effects For Labels

Today’s brands employ a variety of special effects in addition to vibrant, colorful food labeling system solutions. The following are just a few ways you can make your product stand out with the use of LLT custom packaging.

  • Varnishes
  • Textures
  • Specialty Inks

Meal Delivery Labels

Increasingly consumers are focused on the health and safety of their families. With the unique circumstances of quarantine and an emphasis on community health consumers are now focusing on ways they can have a restaurant experience at home. While meal delivery programs are not new to the marketplace. There are now restaurants and catering companies that are just starting to broach this form of consumer contact, changing the way they use labels and the type of information that needs to be provided to their customers. The benefits extend to food waste concerns as well, as fresh ingredients can be labeled directly with date labels and portion information for individual recipes resulting in fewer grocery runs to replenish spoiled food products.


Labels are used on every level of packaging

  • box labels for shipping
  • ingredient and nutritional labels to identify recipes and serving information
  • color-coded labels to identify specialty menus, allergy warnings and diet restrictions
  • Date labels as a mark of ingredient freshness or use by date
  • Promotional and branding labels
  • Sealing labels for food security and traceability

Peel & Resealable Labels

Our peel and resealable labels for food and beverage products are ideal for demanding household, personal care and food packaging applications where the package will be opened and closed multiple times. The labels create a much more user-friendly open-close packaging experience.


Benefits Of LLT Peel & Resealable Labels

  • Economical design.
  • Maintain an airtight seal.
  • Label wording remains intact.
  • User-friendly experience.

Flexible Packaging Ribbons

Our thermal transfer ribbons are created exclusively for flexible package printing. They allow you to keep the quality you need while reducing overall costs. Our flexible custom food packaging ribbons are available for the following printer models.

  • Markem® SmartDate®
  • VideoJet® Dataflex®
  • Norwood® Jaguar
  • Most other thermal transfer coders


Benefits Of LLT Thermal Transfer Ribbons

  • Maximize efficiency and lower operating costs.
  • Deliver reliable, high-speed performance in a wide range of colors and sizes.
  • Available as wax/resin and resin for maximum image durability in both high and low temperatures.
  • Ribbon stocking program assures dependable, just-in-time delivery.

Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI) Labels

The need to maintain the health of ourselves and our families is important now more than ever. There are an estimated 48 million foodborne illness cases every year. In response, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has shown its support for food safety by implementing the Product Traceability Initiative (PTI). Ranging from the farm to the store, every aspect of the supply chain is now responsible for labeling, recording and tracking all product inventories. This will limit the cost of recalls and possible fines, as well as streamline the inventory management process.


LLT: A Complete Food Labeling System For PTI Implementation

With over 20 years of experience in the labeling and bar-coding industry, LLT is able to provide a complete solution for your PTI implementation. Appreciate the ease of your own sales representative taking the time to fully understand your business and respond to your needs. Through our knowledge and assistance, you’ll be up and running with the PTI in no time. Our PTI labels offer the following benefits.

  • Increased productivity and accuracy through the use of efficient inventory tracking systems.
  • Less time spent performing daily inventory counts, reducing labor costs.
  • Increased end-user confidence.
  • Supportive of a healthier future.

Reach out for more information about our proven custom food packaging and labels today.