CHILL AT Freezer Labels

When searching for freezer labels or refrigerated food labels for your products, you need a solution that won’t peel and can handle extreme temperatures. 


The CHILL AT freezer labels offer speed and reliability for labeling in tough applications.




Ideal Applications For CHILL AT Labels

  • Frozen food labels
  • Meat labels
  • Refrigerated food labels
  • Bakery labels
  • Waxy corrugated labels
  • Cold warehouse labels
  • Beverage labels
  • Cold shipping labels


The custom CHILL AT adhesive can handle temperatures that range from -65 to 150 degrees Fahrenheit. The CHILL AT is the perfect choice for frozen food labeling due to its versatility and quick adhesion properties. These features allow it to work well within temperature-sensitive industries. The CHILL AT line features five different constructions, so you can find the specifications that meet your unique adhesion and frozen labeling needs. Browse the full selection of CHILL AT labels and find the right one for you and your business.


Platinum™ Xtra Semi-Gloss Paper

The brilliance, durability and strength of this semi-gloss paper delivers robustness for your application and preprinted graphics that sparkle.


Bright Silver Metallized Paper

The mirror finish of our bright silver paper makes it the perfect choice for labeling applications that require an all-temperature adhesive with a deluxe appearance.


Vivid™ ICE Polypropylene

Vivid ICE Polypropylene has the ability to adhere to rigid or semi-rigid packaging in extreme conditions with exceptional aesthetics and durability.


Direct Thermal Paper

An excellent all-around labeling choice, this non-top-coated or top-coated paper boasts outstanding environmental resistance and is ideal for standard speed thermal printers.


Optiscan™ 2C Thermal Transfer Paper

Optiscan paper provides crisp, smudge-free images essential for onsite printing of barcodes, inventory control, shipping labels and more.

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