Transportation & Hazard Shipping Labels

LLT Labels is home to a wide range of transportation labels for eCommerce and logistics facilities. We sell transport labels in two options: standard thermal paper rolls and hazmat shipping labels. Our standard rolls can be utilized to add a barcode or address, while our essential DOT hazard labels are mandatory for identifying the various contents of hazardous packages quickly. No matter which type of transport label you need, each product in our inventory will streamline your operations and ensure that all items you ship are marked with the proper safety warning. Check out our blank and DOT shipping labels and place your order today.

4" x 6" TT paper 1000/RL 4/CTN perf 3"core 8"OD
4" x 8" TT paper 750/RL 4/CTN perf 3"core 8"OD
4 x 6 DT paper 1000/RL 8/CTN perf 3"core 8"OD
4 x 6 DT paper 250/RL 12/CTN perf 1"core 4"OD
4 x 6 DT paper Fanfold 2000/STK 2/CTN perf
4" x 6" LLT Labels TT Labels, Fanfolded

The Types of DOT Hazard Labels

When you ship any dangerous goods, hazmat label requirements state that you must add a label that clearly states the type of items being transported. These stamps are extremely important to the safety of all parties involved, from the workers at the post office to the drivers on the road. That's why all DOT hazmat labels are designed with bright colors, unique images and easy-to-read codes.

At LLT Labels, we offer six hazmat shipping labels, which are as follow:

Each package of transport labels contains 500, 4x4 stickers on a roll that can be easily removed and applied to your box.

FAQ About Transportation Labels

If you've never shipped a box with hazardous materials, you may be curious about what all you need to know. After all, DOT label requirements are strict and the last thing you want to do is send out goods without the correct identification. To help clear up some confusion, we've listed some common questions we get about our transportation labels. If you still need further clarification, contact us and we'll be happy to help.

How Do You Determine Which DOT Hazard Labels to Use?

Determining the correct hazmat shipping labels to apply to your goods is relatively easy, but a professional hazmat employee is in charge of this job. You must have a trained employee working for your business to inspect these goods and identify the proper label to use. Once they've determined the correct transportation label, they'll also need to check if additional packaging is required to meet UN-Specification standards. This means that extra zip ties or specific tape is used to completely seal the package.

Can I Use Blank Transportation Labels to Identify Hazardous Materials?

No, it is unlawful to use anything other than specified hazmat shipping labels when sending dangerous goods to anybody.