At LLT Labels, we’re proud to provide customers with one of the most varied selections of custom labels in the industry.

LLT Labels specializes in creating custom food labels for branding, food safety and expiration dates built to last in even the toughest of applications. We understand that the food and beverage industry requires custom labels for food packaging for a wide variety of items. That’s why we offer custom solutions for a large swath of food and beverage products. The following are just a few examples of the food-safe labels and packaging solutions available from LLT.

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Find the ideal material, size, shape and finish for your product label with the help of LLT. We offer an unmatched selection of custom labels and packaging solutions so you get just the right look and level of durability you need.

Person using hand sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer Labels

Create a fresh and clean design for your sanitizing products with our selection of hand sanitizer labels and packaging.

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Lip Balm Application

Lip Balm Labels

Ensure seamless branding for your small business or create a personalized design for a birthday extravaganza with our moisture-resistant lip balm labels.

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Scented Candles

Custom Candle Labels

Showcase your one-of-a-kind candle design with a wide selection of colorful and clear labels that are ideal for a variety of mason jar, tin or glass candle creations.

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Car Door Label

Car Door Labels

Car door labels contain crucial information that has to last the life of the vehicle. Our metallic foil auto labels are abrasion-resistant and maintain reliable adhesion.

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Washing Machine Label

Appliance Labels

Appliance labels must be able to withstand harsh environments. Our customized labels for appliances are UL-certified and provide long-lasting durability.

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Medical Cannabis Labels

Cannabis Warning Labels

Provide identification, nutrition and potency information on your recreational or medicinal cannabis products using our custom label solutions.

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Dentist Working

Medical Device Labels

LLT Labels offers a range of UDI medical device labels and adhesive solutions for everything from handheld surgical instruments to pacemakers.

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Chemical Spray Bottle

Chemical Cleaner Labels

Provide customers with up-to-date safety information for using, handling and storing products with our reliable custom labels for chemical cleaners.

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Disposable Rubber Gloves

Peel & Resealable Labels

Peel & resealable labels are a must for demanding households within your customer base. These food and personal care product labels perfectly maintain their airtight seal and legibility.

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Fresh Honey Jar

Custom Honey Labels

Whether you're selling a mason jar or squeeze-bottle design, our custom film labels can be wiped clean without smearing or smudging. It's sure to create a buzz amongst your customers!

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Craft Beer in Mug

Craft Beer Labels

The packaging of a craft beer bottle is just as important as the liquid inside. Stand out with our durable and moisture-resistant custom-printed labels.

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wedding favors

Wedding Favor Labels

From custom champagne packaging to gold foil labels for favors, we have personalized printed labels that will make your wedding day unforgettable.

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Discover the perfect customized labels or packaging solutions for your industry with the help of LLT Labels. We offer convenient, industry-specific printing labels, so you can feel confident that your labels are compliant with today’s most stringent industry standards.

Food in basket

Food & Beverage Labels

From branding guidelines and ingredient lists to food safety and expiration dates, print labels for the food and beverage industry are designed to resist handling, moisture and a variety of other extreme conditions.

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doctor needle

Healthcare Labels

At LLT Labels, we offer custom label printing for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. Our selection of durable medical adhesive solutions can be customized for blood bags, devices, implants, medications, test tubes and more.

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Car Engine

Automotive Labels

Auto labels contain invaluable information, so it's critical that they remain intact and legible for the life of the vehicle. We offer durable automotive labels that are customized for OEMs and their wide range of manufacturing needs.

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Person working on electric circuits

Electronics Labels

Standardized electronics labels provide businesses with consistent branding and shipping traceability, while eliminating data redundancies and reducing regulatory costs. Integrate electronics labeling into your business with the help of LLT.

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Cannabis Plant

Cannabis Labels

Recreational and medical cannabis packaging has to meet extremely stringent requirements. Our selection of custom compliant cannabis labels features secure, long-lasting, tamper-resistant and easy-to-read packaging solutions.

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Glass cleaner bottle

Consumer Product Labels

Custom consumer product labels allow businesses to better connect with your product or brand. Our eye-catching consumer product labels can be completely customized to your unique needs while meeting strict label printing requirements.

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Whether you need a few sheets of laser labels for a small DIY project or thousands of thermal labels for shipping products all over the country, we have the custom printed labels to meet your unique needs.

Thermal Tape Label Rolls

Thermal Labels

Custom thermal labels are ideal for most shipping and packaging processes. Our cost-effective, direct thermal and thermal transfer labels feature a heated printhead to produce a finished label for numerous applications. Discover our extensive selection today.

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Laser labels

Laser Labels

Made for use in laser printers, our custom laser labels are the perfect solution for producing high volumes of labels affordably and efficiently. Laser label sheets are available in a variety of sizes, styles and quantities to best fit your needs. Start customizing your laser labels online today.

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Freezer Labels

CHILL AT Freezer Labels

Need a fast and effective solution for frozen food labels? Our CHILL AT freezer labels won't peel and are tough enough to handle extreme temperatures. From waxy corrugated labels to cold warehouse labels, these durable and smudge-free products are built to last.

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Security Labels

Safety & Security Labels

Prevent label swapping and tampering with void-patterned safety and security labels for vehicles, electronics, appliances and more. Our custom labels are nearly impossible to remove cleanly, strategically leaving behind adhesive that indicates intrusion.

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Flammable liquid warning

Transportation Labels

No matter your industry, it's crucial that your products get where they need to be in a timely fashion. Ensure safe and efficient shipping when you use our transportation labels. Discover labels for GHS chemical drums, D.O.T. identification, shipping and much more.

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Industrial storage barrels

Industry Labels

Designed to adhere to bins, barrels, electronics, machinery and more, our tough industry labels were specially created to work in both industrial and commercial environments. Discover a variety of sizes and styles for your custom industry labels at LLT.

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