Resin Ribbons

Find a wide selection of resin ribbons for business online at LLT Labels. Our thermal transfer resin ribbons are an affordable way to restock your supply of high-quality and durable labels that are specially formulated for superior printing. Whether you need thermal ribbons for automotive parts, medical devices, cleaning products, or electronics, we offer thermal transfer ribbons and labels for a multitude of industries. Browse our selection of resin ribbons online or request a quote for your specific business needs!

4.50" X 1181' Datamax Wax Ribbon Black 24/CTN
2.0" x 1345' Sato Wax Ribbon Black 36/CTN
2.99" x 1345' Sato Wax Ribbon Black 24/CTN
4.0" x 1345' Sato Wax Ribbon Black 24/CTN
4.33" x 1345' Sato Wax Ribbon Black 24/CTN
1.50 in. x 1181 ft. Wax Thermal Transfer Ribbon - Black, 48 Rolls/Carton
1.57 in. x 1476 ft. Wax Thermal Transfer Ribbon - Black, 48 Rolls/Carton
2" x 1181' Resin Thermal Transfer Ribbon - Black, 36 Rolls
2.36" x 984' Zebra Resin Ribbon Black 12/CTN
2.5" x 244' Zebra Wax Ribbon Black 36/CTN
2.52 in. x 1181 ft. Wax Thermal Transfer Ribbon
2.52 in. x 1345 ft. Wax Thermal Transfer Ribbon for Sato Barcode Printers - Black, 36 Rolls/Carton

Resin Ribbons For Your Toughest Applications

LLT Labels offers a wide selection of resin ribbons that can withstand the toughest elements. Whether you need thermal ribbons for fabric care applications, chemical exposure or other extreme applications, LLT Labels has a solution. If you’re unsure of the type of resin ribbon you need, please contact our label experts to learn more about our product offerings!

With over 20 years in the industry, we understand the importance of reliable, high-performing and cost-effective labeling products. Our team of label and ribbon experts are here to help you find the right product for your business needs. Just tell us your requirements and we will recommend the proper resin ribbons for the desired application.

Frequently Asked Questions About Thermal Transfer Resin Ribbons

What are thermal ribbons used for?

  • Thermal ribbons are made from a thin film, usually made from wax, resin, or combination of both. It typically has a black coating on one side and is used for retail products and other applications that require labeling information that won’t fade over time.

What is the difference between wax and resin thermal transfer ribbons?

  • Simply put, resin ribbons are a more durable product than wax ribbons. LLT Labels offers standard wax ribbons, premium wax ribbons, wax-resin ribbons and resin ribbons. Standard wax ribbons offer an economical solution for everyday needs, while resin ribbons provide the highest resistance to chemicals and extreme heat, and are less likely to smear or rub off.

Why Choose LLT Labels over other providers of label solutions?

  • For over two decades, LLT Labels has made it a priority to provide customized label solutions for every business need. We offer an extensive inventory of thermal transfer resin ribbons for various industries. Our ability to customize, amazing customer service team, and efficient shipping methods are what makes us the stand out choice for all of your label requirements. Contact us today for a free quote for your resin ribbon needs!

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