Find the Best Label Printer for Your Business

A good printer can make or break your business. You might be shocked to learn how many types of printers are available on the market. Which label printer is best suited for your business? Find out as we highlight some of the most popular options below. 

For companies that only need to label a small number of items each month, non-thermal label printers are a great choice because they’re the most affordable upfront investment. A nonthermal printer includes the inkjet and laser label printers typically owned by small businesses and businesses run out of a home. Let’s take a look at each type of non-thermal printer.

Inkjet Printers

You’ll find inkjet printers in homes and business all around the world. These types of printers work by depositing ink onto the label surface, where it’s absorbed by the material and left to dry.

As a result, inkjet labels are designed to have a porous surface. This allows the ink to be deeply absorbed and more efficiently dried.

In general, inkjet printers and labels are ideal for printing photographs and graphic designs. Inkjet printers also work well with standard white matte, white removable matte, weatherproof matte, brown kraft, vinyl, clear matte, pastel paper, and fluorescent paper. You can also get white and clear gloss labels that are specifically made to work with inkjet printers.

Keep in mind, though that inkjet printers do not work as well to create weatherproof labels because the inks tend to be water-based and will smudge or run when exposed to water.

Laser Label Printers

Laser printers use heat and pressure to bond toner onto the label surface. To be compatible with laser printers, label materials have to withstand exposure to high temperatures. Otherwise, the labels will be damaged and deformed by the printing process. For example, laser labels need to have a higher moisture content to prevent to paper from drying out and cracking after being exposed to extreme heat.

Printable label materials that are compatible with laser printers include standard white matte, white removable matte, glossy white, waterproof polyester, clear matte, clear glossy, brown kraft, silver foil, gold foil, pastel paper, and fluorescent paper.

Typically, laser printers and labels are also best when you need to produce waterproof labels.