Best Uses for Laser-Printed Labels

Adding a laser printer to your business operations is one of the easiest ways to increase your company’s efficiency. The speed and precision offered by these remarkable devices can increase your business’ capability to fulfill orders and create communications, and their low cost of operation will save you money in the long run. The most useful element of laser printers, however, may be in how quickly and accurately they can create labels of infinite shapes, sizes, and styles. Because labels designed for laser printers come in so many varieties, the tasks they can fulfill are nearly limitless. Below, we’ve collected a few of our favorite uses for laser-printed labels, applications that will optimize and streamline everything from order fulfillment to office organization.

Shipping Labels

This is where the sheer variety of printable labels may be of the greatest use to your business. If you merely need a traditional package-sized label, a laser printer can produce them with unmatched speed and accuracy. That same speed and accuracy, however, also applies to labels designed for circular or tubular packages, or for those whose bright colors can add a bit of excitement to any product you send out. Colored labels, of course, come in more hues than merely blue; you can choose from green, pink, yellow, and red just to name a few. That flexibility allows you to match whatever theme your product might be based on without sacrificing the precision that “cute” labels so often lack. Printable labels, of course, aren’t just for packages; the speed at which your laser printer operates also makes it a perfect device for the creation of mass-mailing labels. This package, for instance, offers a staggering 100,000 labels perfectly sized for addresses at under a hundred dollars, a great value for any business looking to quickly get their message out to a massive audience.


In a previous blog post, we discussed the many ways in which labels can help contribute to the organization of your inventory and office processes. For the inventory, we recommend a large, easy-to-see label like this full-size sheet. At this size, your employees will be able to tell at a glance where certain products are meant to go within your warehouse or storage facility, cutting down on the costly confusion caused by poorly marked divisions. Your office, however, likely has more delicate organizational needs that call for smaller and more precise markings. The aforementioned colored labels can be of great use here, as their variety of hues will help you to easily create and implement a color-coded system designed to wrangle unwieldy paperwork. What’s more, their small size makes them perfectly suited for folders and cabinets, lending your physical media storage a level of organization that’ll boost the efficiency of your filing processes.


All of this efficiency, however, won’t be of any use if people don’t know why they should do business with you. Printed labels can be of help in that regard, too. Take, for example, the hybrid nature of this integrated label form. The top of the page is an open space on which you can print anything you like, such as an advertisement for an event that your company will be running in the near future. The bottom of the page, meanwhile, contains four labels that can be removed from the page, labels that can serve as coupons related to the event or merely as reminders of when and where it’ll be occurring. Think of those fliers commonly plastered across college bulletin boards, the kind with the tapered bottom for passersby to rip off little sections that contain information pertinent to whatever the flier’s advertising. This is essentially a much more sophisticated version of that, one that allows you to focus on individual consumers with targeted ads. What’s more, this same integrated model also comes in varieties that feature 2" and 2.75" labels, which offers you a great deal of flexibility in the nature of your ads and the style of coupons or reminders you wish to offer to your customers.


Though the benefits to owning a laser printer are numerous, there may be none more advantageous than the ability to quickly and accurately create a wide variety of printable labels. While we’ve provided a few examples of exceptional labels, there are so many varieties out there that there’s bound to be one perfect for the needs of your business. The sky’s the limit when it comes to what you can do with printable labels and to the countless ways in which they can optimize and streamline your business operations. If you have any further questions about printable labels - or merely wish to know more about how their usage can be beneficial to your business - please feel free to get in touch with one of our friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives.