The Unique Challenge Of Meat Labels

Labels used in the meat and poultry industry need to be clean, clear and above all, they need to stay put. If packages of meat arrive at a retailer without their corresponding meat labels, it could have costly and, more importantly, dangerous implications. This is why frozen food labels need to be reliable and also be able to adhere to meat packaging from beginning to end.

Why Is Packaged Meat So Difficult To Label?

Most poultry and meat products are shipped in corrugated packaging around the country. But as we all know, corrugated fiberboard can be quite difficult to work with when it comes to label adhesion. To add insult to injury, most meat and poultry products are packaged and stored in cold temperatures, making the challenge of labeling these types of products infinitely more difficult.

Labels that aren’t formulated for cold temperatures tend to become stiff, or they can flag or lift up off the packaging. In worse-case scenarios, labels might fall off entirely. And when meat labels don’t comply with the standards put in place by the Food Safety and Inspection Service of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, it can wind up affecting the entire supply chain.

Because of these challenges, a new line of cold shipping labels for meat and poultry was created to make things much easier.

CHILL AT Is The New Solution For Meat Packaging Labels

LLT Labels has teamed up with Mactac, a leading manufacturer of pressure-sensitive adhesives, to produce the new CHILL AT product line.

This line features a hot melt rubber adhesive that is specially designed to offer higher tack and peel properties needed for traditional meat and poultry packaging. This secure adhesion method can be applied at temperatures as low as -10℉ and has a service range of -65℉ to 150℉. And the high tack adhesive is able to quickly grab onto the surface of any cold food packaging. The CHILL AT line even offers water-resistant properties. CHILL AT products maintain their adhesive integrity and aesthetic appeal when exposed to water or moisture. These qualities and more are why meat and poultry producers trust LLT Labels.

Learn More About CHILL AT Labels

CHILL AT cold shipping labels offer integrity and reliability for labeling in tough applications. Have a question or need more information about CHILL AT refrigerated food labels? Reach out to our helpful customer service team today.