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Established in 1903, UL is an independent organization that writes specific standards and tests products against these standards. The mission of UL is to promote a safe living and work environment. In the US, 72,000 manufacturers produce UL-certified products such as electrical appliances, electronic devices, safety equipment, products that hold or convey flammable liquids or certain components found inside devices. These products must be labeled properly for the life of the product to ensure consumer safety. LLT Labels® offers UL approved thermal transfer ribbon and thermal label combinations that provide excellent resistance to water, acid, chemicals, solvents, abrasion, smudging and UV exposure.

When a label passes UL testing, it becomes a UL Recognized Component, UL Listed or UL Classified label or product and can display a UL Mark.

A UL Recognized Component is used in the manufacturing of a complete, UL Listed product. This type of label cannot display the UL symbol, but features the “Recognized Component Mark”. This type of label is used on products such as switches, power supplies, printed wiring boards, etc.

A UL Listed label is tested according to nationally recognized Safety Standards. UL Listed products include appliances, computer equipment, furnaces, heaters, fuses and smoke detectors.

UL Classified products are tested to specific properties, or suitability for use under limited or special conditions.

UL Marking and Labeling System

There are five category code numbers (CNN) that comprise UL’s Marking and Labeling Systems and each UL label falls within one of these categories:

1. PGDQ2
Printed labels die-cut and preprinted to fit your custom need.

2. PGJI2
Blank or preprinted labels with areas so you can print variable information.

3. PGGU2
Raw material used to make finished labels.

4. PGIM2
Labels embedded into molded plastic during molding

5. Labels, cord tags and placards, evaluated for compliance with less stringent UL end-product standards.

Under the PGDQ2 Marking and Labeling Systems Category, LLT Labels partners with approved label convertors to manufacture finished printed labels. The PGJI2 Category allows you to print UL labels on site at your facility.

UL has recently made changes that requires extra action to ensure your company is compliant. Are your UL labels properly approved?

View our UL Qualification Guide or call 800-882-4050 to speak with a UL label expert.

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