Advantages Of Thermal Transfer Printing For Your Business

As your business and product inventory expands, you need the most efficient and reliable printing solutions available to ensure that everything is properly accounted for. When you reach this point, standard inkjet and laser printers may not be able to handle the load. Thermal printers offer several advantages that can help your operations continue to run smoothly.

What Is Thermal Printing

Thermal printing uses heat to react either with labels or with a ribbon to quickly print your desired text and images. Direct thermal printers print by heat activation alone while a thermal transfer printer uses a heated ribbon with either wax- or resin-based ink. Thermal transfer printing produces high-resolution text and images without the use of liquid ink, making thermal printers more environmentally friendly than other printers.

Advantages Of Thermal Transfer Printing

Thermal printers have a variety of advantages for companies that need to print high volumes of labels, especially long-life labels like barcodes. Thermal label printers are able to create high-resolution labels in milliseconds rather than seconds, like standard inkjet or laser printers. Thermal labels are sturdier than regular ink labels and can stand up to a variety of environmental conditions. This means they won't fade in sunlight, smudge or become distorted after contact with oils and exposure to extreme temperatures.

While direct thermal printers and thermal transfer printers both produce high-quality images, only thermal transfer printers can print in color. Transfer printing gives businesses the ability to color code inventory and add more personalization to their labels without worrying about fading issues over time.

Who Can Benefit From Thermal Transfer Printing?

Businesses that require a high volume of labels printed for inventory, such as barcode labels or other forms of product identification, can greatly benefit from thermal transfer printers. Retailers can use thermal printers to quickly print shipping labels during the busy holiday season. And because a thermal sticker is so much more durable than a standard label, produce growers can add labels on exposed surfaces that may get wet or dirty without fear of the label wearing out or peeling off. Additionally, thermal transfer printers experience fewer common printer issues like jams. The only part that may take time to replace is the thermal transfer ribbon — however, thermal printers generally require little maintenance aside from ribbon replacement.

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