LLT Labels Can Assist You in Finding the Best Car Dashboard Labels

Car dashboard labels are simple to apply, highly durable, die-cut to your exact specifications and offered at better prices than other alternative options. You'll be able to implement car dashboard labels for dashboard interface screens, sensor mounting and lens bonding needs. Car dashboard labels consist of translucent and colored films that allow for customization of lighting components such as car seat emergency labels and car battery labels without the need for additional custom lighting components or multiple materials embedded in the dash.

Car dashboard labels are a great addition to other forms of auto labels used for car doors and components located under the hood. Still, the best thing about car dashboard labels is their compatibility with electric components, a must-have for use inside a gauge cluster.

When looking for the best car dashboard labels, there are several concerns you'll need to watch for to ensure you're getting the best product for your application.

Ensure Your Car Labels Can Handle Sensitive Vibrations

Dashboards will require a PSA car label that remains sensitive to vibrations years after installation. The many small components in a car endure a high degree of vibration due to the constant movement. Components bump and move up against one another during operation due to various factors such as uneven roads or high speeds. Using car dashboard labels that are vibration-resistant or damping can provide a cushion between many components so you'll never hear rattles and squeaks when the vehicle is being driven.

Your Car Dashboard Labels Must Have High Thermal Tolerances

Every car undergoes extreme temperature changes no matter what part of the country you live in. Car interiors must cope with high levels of heat and UV radiation when left in the sun, as well as freezing temperatures in the colder months. The sensitive equipment in a car dashboard is especially vulnerable to these extreme temperatures, so it's important to find car dashboard labels capable of adequately tolerating intense heat and severe cold. You can create custom labels to ensure the materials used will be able to withstand any temperature. Both vinyl and polyester are popular choices for car dashboard labels due to their thermal tolerance under extreme or rapidly changing temperatures.

Find a Car Label With Low Bleed-Through

A PSA is composed of three parts: the liner, which protects the adhesive before use, the adhesive itself, and the carrier onto which the adhesive is coated. Different PSAs have differing levels of bleed-through, determined by the materials used in their production. Some particular types of PSAs may eventually bleed through the carrier onto your car dashboard once applied if you're using a PSA not compatible with the face material. This can result in your car dashboard label having performance issues and a tainted appearance – making it challenging to read car labels and gauge names.

Car Label Adhesive Performance Depends on Surface Texture

In addition to bleed-through issues, purchasing car dashboard labels not compatible with a car's face material can result in bonding problems. The texture of a car's face material can drastically impact adhesive performance. Dashboard gauges are made with several types of dissimilar materials – you'll need to find car labels that can adhere adequately to materials such as plastics, rough-textured surfaces and metals.

Shop LLT Labels for High-Quality Car Dashboard Labels Today

LLT Labels can supply you with top-rated car dashboard labels that will last throughout a car's lifetime. We help provide you with high-quality materials to ensure you're choosing the best car labels specified for the vehicle of your choice at affordable prices. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us – a representative is always standing by to help.

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