The Challenge of CBD Branding

While CBD is perfectly legal and does not give users the same effects as marijuana, the most challenging part of CBD branding comes from the close connection it shares with the drug. New benefits of CBD seem to pop up overnight, so it's essential to continually distance yourself from marijuana and focus more on the healthy aspects of CBD, such as its aid in pain relief, help in the treatment of epilepsy and skincare benefits. To achieve this, you'll need to focus heavily on your CBD logo and CBD graphics to emphasize being healthy over being high.

Best Practices for CBD Brand Designs

On top of the challenges that arise from getting into the profession of selling CBD, your CBD branding technique must also focus on the most important part of all branding – graphic design. Your CBD graphics should present your company in the best light possible to motivate customers and get them to trust your products. How you handle your CBD company logos and packaging can make all the difference in influencing and attracting customers to your products.

The most important things you'll want to focus on when developing your CBD branding are your official CBD company logo and visual elements, such as color scheme, typography and full-scale packaging. Combined with the challenge of gaining customer's trust with a product so closely related to cannabis, CBD brands have a lot of their work cut out for them. The experts at LLT Labels have constructed a short breakdown of the elements you want to focus on the most, so when you create your very own CBD custom labels, you'll have everything you need ready to go.

CBD Logos

Your CBD logo design will be the face of your brand. It's by far one of the most important elements when designing CBD packaging that attracts the eye of potential customers. CBD company logos must reflect a company's focus immediately through graphics, colors and shapes.

CBD logo design depends on your brand's personality, which you can directly convey with shapes and colors. For example, rounded lines, hand-drawn shapes with imperfections and warmer colors bring a more relaxed and friendly atmosphere. On the other side of the spectrum, straight lines and clean edges combined with neutral, cool colors are generally used for products that want to give a formal, professional impression.

Best Colors for CBD Products

Color is another crucial feature of CBD packaging – you don't have to limit yourself to only including color in your CBD logo design. The entire package can be bursting with color to give off a specific impression to your customers. Because of its natural origins, most cannabis labels highlight the color green above all else. You can do this with CBD as well if you're looking to convey a sense of its natural and ecological properties. However, if you wish to distance yourself from cannabis, there are other options.

If you want to appeal to people who have never tried marijuana and want to highlight the medicinal benefits of CBD, you may want to consider using the colors of the healthcare industry – namely blue and white. The color blue is associated with the welcoming atmosphere of healthcare, while white symbolizes sterility and virtue. Using these neutral colors will work best if you're seeking a professional appearance for your product.

Another option for CBD branding is to market your CBD as wellness or as a lifestyle product by using bright colors, soothing pastels or bold shades of gray and black. Depending on your brand identity and where you want your products to be marketed, using these colors, typically found in holistic medicines, will work wonders.

Typography for CBD Labels

Typography can make or break the packaging design of your product, depending on your intended market. To convey your brand personality, consider the following options. CBD labels and packaging that go with a less traditional, casual font, such as something hand-drawn, will engage a laid-back crowd. This type of font suggests your brand is more friendly and open to those who want to enjoy CBD for relaxation and fun. More mature markets that may be using CBD for strictly medicinal benefits, like targeting pain, will be more drawn to the professionalism of clean and modern typography such as a sans serif font. If your brand is more serious and science-based, these elegant fonts will help lend credibility to your products.

Best CBD Packaging Practices

The packaging of your CBD product is one of the most crucial aspects of developing your brand. Whether you're designing CBD oil packaging or containers for gummies, you'll want it to be simultaneously visually pleasing and functional. CBD packaging combines all the elements found above with high-grade materials to create a package that makes customers want to purchase your product the second they pick it up in-store.

Creating an FDA-Compliant CBD Label

When designing your first batch of CBD labels, there's one fundamental question you'll first want to ask yourself: What is FDA regulation regarding CBD product labels? When dealing with FDA guidelines, there are specific considerations you'll want to keep in mind when creating your CBD labels. While these considerations may seem like a lot, all it takes is a little creativity and understanding of regulations to create a perfect FDA-compliant CBD label design.

CBD products cannot be considered dietary supplements under FDA guidelines, so you must omit this from the CBD packaging for your brand. This regulation applies to all forms of CBD, such as CBD tincture, CBD oil, CBD gummies and CBD weed. The part of your CBD packaging you'll want to focus on the most is the information that gives consumers specifics about your products.

To meet FDA regulations, you'll want to display the name and type on the front of your product, as well as the milligrams or net quantity. On the back or side panels of your CBD label, you should state the quality of your product and any third-party testing to increase its validity. It's also important to include information for suggested use of your product, such as the recommended amount your customers should take and how many times to take it daily.

Your CBD label should also include details such as nutrition information, ingredients, the manufacturer and the distributor. Beneath the ingredient listing, you must include a statement that your CBD product has not been FDA approved. FDA approval for CBD products is still an ongoing process – not disclosing this information to consumers is highly illegal. As with most other drug products, such as over-the-counter medications and supplements, an FDA warning that reads, "Keep out of reach of children," should be included on your CBD product label. These warnings and any other FDA warnings should be highly visible on your CBD label.

The final detail you'll need to include on your CBD packaging is the THC content of your product. While CBD is stripped of most THC, inevitably, a meager amount is still contained within the product. The FDA states that products that contain no more than .3% THC can be sold as CBD. Having this information lets customers know what product they're purchasing so they can decide whether or not your product is right for them.

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