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Label Adhesive Materials

Historically, adhesives have been made from numerous materials, such as the starch-based adhesives originally used on U.S. postage stamps. But most label adhesives today are either acrylic or rubber-based.

Acrylic adhesives offer superior UV resistance and solvent resistance and hold up well in cold temperatures. Rubber adhesives have high initial tack and stick well to a variety of surfaces, like rubber, Teflon, silicone and plastic.

Types of Adhesive

One way to define each adhesive type is by the level of label adhesion it provides. The basic types of adhesive are:

  • Permanent — A label with permanent adhesive will tear or ruin the substrate when removed.
  • Removable — A removable label adhesive allows the label to be removed without leaving behind residue or damaging the substrate or label.
  • Repositionable — A repositionable adhesive label can be removed and replaced multiple times without affecting the label or substrate.

LLT Labels goes beyond the basics and offers a wider array of adhesive types to suit our customers' many applications. If you order our labels, you can choose from these label adhesive types:

  • Permanent — suitable for retail applications, packaging labels and high-quality barcoding
  • Aggressive — designed for use under almost any lighting conditions for general-purpose indoor labeling applications
  • Removable — ideal for applications like shelf and bin labels, product identification and storage labeling
  • Ultra-removable — developed for labels that must be removed and repositioned on a wide range of substrates over a long period of time
  • Cold Temp — specifically for extremely cold applications and service temperatures in refrigerated and industrial settings
  • Heavy Coat Weight — designed for rough or very hard-to-label substrates that demand a very high initial tack and ultimate bond

We also offer an opaque adhesive that creates a "cover-up" label. We have labels appropriate for numerous surfaces, including glass, plastic, paper, stainless steel, packaging film and more. A comparison of label adhesives further outlines service temperatures and additional applications for our various adhesive types.

Trust Your Adhesive Label Needs to LLT Labels

With an adhesive type for every label application, LLT Labels is the go-to source for high-performing, cost-effective labels. Start shopping now to find the labels that suit your requirements.

Considerations When Selecting a Label Adhesive

If you're looking for the proper adhesive for labels, it's helpful to understand three main performance factors. Label adhesives, which work like glue for labels, can be categorized by their:

  • Tack — a label's ability to initially stick to a surface with little pressure. The less pressure a label needs to stick, the higher the tack is.
  • Adhesion — the force required to remove a label from a substrate. The lower the adhesion, the less residue or damage will occur when a label is removed.
  • Shear — the internal or cohesive strength of the adhesive. The lower the shear, the more initial tack a label has and the more likely it is to split under stress.

The performance quality of a label adhesive is also determined by other factors, like its resistance to UV rays and solvents, service temperature range and minimum application temperature. For instance, a temperature-specific adhesive like our Chill adhesive can be applied at temperatures as low as -25 degrees Fahrenheit.

Purchase Your Adhesive Labels from LLT Labels

Now that you know more about label adhesive types, you're ready for the next step. Our expert staff stands ready to help you with your labeling requirements. Whether you're looking for stock or custom adhesive labels, we can meet your most challenging applications. Contact us now to begin the process.

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