Laser Label Sheets

Designed for use in laser printers, these laser labels are a premium solution for producing high volumes of labels at incredible speeds. Using your laser printer to print labels from LLT Labels is easy! Load the label printing sheets into your printer and watch as you produce hundreds of labels cheaply and efficiently. A few tips to help you print even better with laser printer labels include:


- Making sure you run a test with a normal sheet of paper first then aligning the paper with laser label sheets to ensure that they line up properly, this helps not waste any labels.

- Only run label sheets through your laser printer once, the heat of the laser printer will soften the adhesive. If printed twice, this adhesive can cause problems for your printer!


Our label sheets for printing are available in a large variety of sizes and styles to fit any need you may have. We also carry other types of labels, including thermal labels, food labels, and medical labels. If your business involves high-volume shipping and labeling, our laser labels are the solution for you.


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Label Sheet for Printer

Laser labels are also commonly referred to as label sheets. Interestingly, label sheets vary in coating depending on if you want to use them in a laser label printer, or an inkjet printer. We never recommend using label sheets intended for a laser printer (like the ones found in this section) in place of an inkjet label. Label sheets for printing are coated to work best in a laser printer, using them in other applications will likely result in an inferior print that can smudge and not perform well.

Frequently Asked Questions About Laser Labels

What Are Laser Labels?

  • Laser labels are labels that are heat-resistant and made with smooth materials.

What Is The Difference Between Inkjet Labels & Laser Labels?

  • Laser printers use heat to melt toner powder and bond it to the surface of the label, while inkjet printers apply ink directly onto the label.

Where To Buy Label Sheets?

  • You can buy premium label sheets here at LLT Labels! Check out our supply of various label printing sheets for you to browse!

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