Thermal Labels

Thermal labels can help to save a lot of time when it comes to shipping. These labels are quick and easy to apply and virtually hassle-free. Our selection of thermal labels is unmatched both regarding variety and of course in price. Understanding the difference between direct thermal labels and thermal transfer labels can save you a lot of headaches.

Direct Thermal Labels & Thermal Transfer Labels

The two thermal printing methods for the thermal labels in this section include direct thermal and thermal transfer. Both styles of printing feature a heated printhead which applies heat to the label to produce a finished label. Direct thermal labels, however, does this process without using a thermal transfer ribbon and instead creates the image using heat applied directly to the thermal label.

This may sound advantageous, as using direct thermal labels reduces your need to buy wax ribbons or resin ribbons, however, direct thermal labels are much more sensitive to light, heat, or otherwise harsh conditions which shortens their lifespan considerably. We recommend direct thermal labels for applications that do not require permanent labeling (tracking pallets between warehouses, temporary labeling of disposable products, etc).

If you're not sure if direct thermal labels or thermal transfer labels are suited to your use, be sure to contact us. One of our thermal label experts can guide you to the optimal label for your application!

1" x 1" TT paper 5500/RL 16/CTN perf 3"core 8"OD
1.5" x 1" TT paper 5300/RL 16/CTN 3"core 8"OD
1.5" x 1" TT paper 5300/RL 16/CTN perf 3"core 8"OD
1.5" x 1" TT paper 2-across 10,600/RL 8/CTN perf 3"core 8"OD
2" x 1" TT paper 5300/RL 16/CTN perf 3"core 8"OD
2" x 1" TT paper 2-across 10,200/RL 8/CTN perf 3"core 8"OD
2" x 2" TT paper 2800/RL 16/CTN perf 3"core 8"OD
2.25" x 1.25" TT paper 4360/RL 8/CTN 3"core 8"OD
3" x 1" TT paper 5100/RL 8/CTN perf 3"core 8"OD
3" x 2" TT paper 2820/RL 8/CTN 3"core 8"OD
3" x 2" TT paper 2,820/RL 8/CTN perf 3"core 8"OD
3" x 3" TT paper 1920/RL 8/CTN perf 3"core 8"OD

Thermal and Removable Label Resources

Using thermal labels for your business's shipping or packaging processes? Check out these helpful resources and learn more about the benefits of using removable thermal labels.

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