The Benefits of Flood-Coated Labels

on 11/15/2017

floodcoated labels

Of all the varieties of labels available on the market, there are none as vibrant and striking as those that have been flood-coated with color. Flood coating, generally speaking, simply means that the label has been infused from border to border with dye to ensure an even coat over every part of the label. The distinct and dynamic hues that flood-coated labels come in make them an excellent choice for companies that need to add a little "pop" to their organizational or marketing capabilities. Below, we've collected a few of our favorite ways to use these labels to show there can be more to labeling than just text on paper.


Though proper organization is instrumental in the success of any business, none but the fussiest among us enjoy the task of getting stock and filing in order. Using flood-coated labels adds some much-needed brightness to the job and can even help get your employees into the spirit by playing to their sense of individuality. Let's say that you have multiple employees working within your filing area and that you're having trouble keeping their paperwork separate. By providing each employee with flood-coated labels in their favorite color, you're essentially creating a simple color-coded system for paperwork that'll be easy for you to understand and easy for your employees to maintain.

Likewise, basic labels can often be lacking when it comes to organizing stock. From a distance, black text on white background looks just like the black text on the white background next to it. By employing flood-coated labels, you and your employees will be able to tell at a glance exactly where certain products are meant to be stored, cutting down on the cost and hassle all too common with storage miscommunication.


The heart of marketing is in making your company stand out from your competition, and you can do just that by using flood-coated labels in your mailers and other promotional materials. This small and cost-efficient step can add an instant boost to the visibility of those materials, getting the desired eyes on your products or offers simply by attaching them to a striking color.

Though there's plenty of ways in which the vibrant colors of flood-coated labels can be of use in your promotional materials, perhaps the most exciting way is to match those colors with the hues of the season. Red flood-coated labels and green flood-coated labels subtly invoke the spirit of the holidays and add a little soul to your messaging, which may be just what you need to catch a potential client's attention and get them to open that envelope. Though flood-coated labels may cost a bit more than traditional varieties, that cost will come back to you many times over when the sales start rolling in from the new customers drawn in by your eye-catching promotional materials.


We hope that these tips have inspired you to add a little color to your company's labeling methods and that you're excited to learn more about all the possibilities offered by flood-coated labels. Please feel free to contact our customer support team if you have any further questions about flood-coated labels, or if you wish to know more about all the ways LLT can help boost the productivity and efficiency of your business.